Round table „Gender equality and pay policy – problems and possible solutions“

Ombudsperson for gender equality Višnja Ljubičić participated in the round table „Gender equality and pay policy – problems and possible solutions“, held in Croatian parliament and organized by Club of the Croatian Peasant Party and Democrats. Ombudsperson presented statistical indicators related to gender inequalities at the labour market and pay and pension gap, causes of the gender pay and pension gap and under-representation of women in leadership positions. Institution of ombudsperson receives high number of complaints related to labour, employment and social security. It was explained that Ombudsperson is coordinator of the EU project “Equal rights – Equal pay – Equal pensions” – Expanding the scope of implementation of gender equality actions and legal standards towards achieving gender equality and combating poverty in Croatia and was coordinator of the EU project Toward real gender equality: balancing professional and private life.

At the end Ombudsperon presented policy measures to: increase female participation in the labour market, promote gender balanced workplace, eliminate horizontal and vertical segregation in the labourmarket, decrease gender pay gap, protect pregnant women and balance professional and private life.

Presenters in the round table were: Marina Kasunić Peris, coordinator for labour and social policy in Democrats; Mirando Mrsić, president of Democrats, explained that aim of the round table was to establish cooperation of different social segements: employers, unions, civil society and authorities; Milica Jovanović (The Croatian Employers’ Association) talked about pay transparency and decreasing gender pay gap – employers perspective; Ana Miličević Pezelj (Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia) described role of the unions in promotion of pay transparency. At the end, draft Act on the Transparency of Pay, proposed by Democrats, was presented. Round table ended with discussion.