Project stages: 

In-depth research at the national level
     - Situation analysis that will take into consideration statistical data, policies, practices, legislation, pension system
     - Quantitative research on gender pay and pension gaps in the private and public sectors in the areas of production, finance and insurance, and health care and social welfare, and testing gender stereotypes on a population of young people when choosing their jobs 

Creation of educational programmes 
     - Creation of an educational programme and manual
    - Holding workshops in four cities (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka/Pula and Osijek) for the representatives of companies, public authorities, trade unions, civil society organisations and high school students

Creation of a national legislative framework for equal pay and pensions in the Republic of Croatia 
     - Creation of a strategic document that will ensure standards and positive measures to achieve gender equality in the labour market and the pension system

Increasing subject visibility
     - Organising national campaigns for the European Equal Pay Day (3 November)
     - Creation of videos
     - Publishing research reports
     - Publishing articles in the official organ of the Retired Persons' Trade Union