CESI – Centre for Education, Counselling and Research

CESI is a feminist organisation that advocates the improvement of the social status of women and the realisation of gender equality, as well as full implementation of all legislation and international instruments dealing with the protection of human rights. CESI bases its activities on working for the common good, in line with the values of feminism, nonviolence, equality, tolerance, respecting individual differences, solidarity and equal opportunities.
An important precondition for the emancipation of women is their economic empowerment and independence, since it is well-known that the majority of poor and socially vulnerable people in the world are women. CESI also works on improving social inclusion of marginalised groups. It achieves its programme goals through gathering data on the status of women, the implementation of various educational and mentoring programmes, the creation and publishing of educational materials and multimedia content intended for institutions, employers and unemployed women, members of minorities and women with disabilities. CESI raises awareness and informs the public through campaigns and public events, and empowers women and gives information and advice via phone, support groups and online counselling. CESI has also started a free legal counselling centre that helps women realise their labour and social rights, and Radnica.org, a web portal that denounces discriminatory practices. CESI has worked on gender equality in terms of pay for women and men as part of the EU project “Gender Pay Gap: New Solutions for an Old Problem”, within which an informal EU network – Gender Wage Watchers (http://genderpaygap.eu/) – has been set up.